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Holding StabilizerWhat can I say? I like to solder stuff together and some of this may be useful to other people, so I started this blog.

I’m an ex-electrical engineer that went into IT. While I used to be capable of doing all kinds of crazy hardware hacking, not having a company bank-roll my projects limits me to getting stuff done cheap and dirty. My philosophy:

  • I’m pro SMD, and think the hobbyist hate towards this is just a lack of education. It’s cheaper and faster to assemble if used correctly.
  • I think that audiophiles are a harsh combination of astute observation and self-indulgent placebo.
  • When in doubt, spinning a board is less prone to error than point to point wiring and takes about the same amount of time.
  • The Arduino is a prototyping device, not a permanent solution. You can probably find a better fit micro at a better price point.

Anyway, enjoy.

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